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Security for VIP Individuals

Celebrities, public figures, high-net-worth persons, and other VIPs are potentially at a greater risk of exposure to personal risk due to their career, status, personal net worth, or affiliations. With the proper strategic assessment and advanced security planning, the experienced security teams at Strategic Threat Protection Group can protect high-risk individuals from physical harm.

We provide executive security services for high-profile clients to help ensure their safety and prevent issues within their security detail. Our professionals specialize in assisting government and commercial clients to protect VIP personnel with a commitment to professionalism and quality service.

We Provide Executive Security For VIP Individuals, Including:

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Dignitaries and officials

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International protection for corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities

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Celebrity and corporate VIPs

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High-profile individuals

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Company executives

More security services

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Our Executive Security Personnel

Each of Strategic Threat Protection Group’s executive security personnel are qualified and experienced former military and/or law enforcement agents who have completed thorough education and certification in executive security. Our executive security personnel are highly trained in defense, combat, and firearms training, as well as working with security training, planning, emergency response, communication, and surveillance.

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Protection For Your Lifestyle

When you hire Strategic Threat Protection Group for your executive security detail, you can rest easy knowing that you can safely carry on your normal lifestyle. Our executive security members are trained to work discreetly and, when necessary, covertly. We’re able to assess any and all threats and gather protective intelligence, creating a security plan to ensure your continued protection.

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Beyond Bodyguard Services

While the terms “security personnel” and “bodyguard” may seem like interchangeable roles, they are actually quite different. While a hired bodyguard may have some experience in protection, they often don’t have the requisite skills to prevent exposure of their clients to dangerous situations altogether, and are often meant to simply appear intimidating. Executives, celebrities, and other VIPs need executive security, not only for their capabilities and professionalism, but also for their ability in pre-planning and risk mitigation, including always having a plan B solution to any problems that may arise.

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The Qualities of Professional Executive Security

It’s important for each of our VIP clients to understand the proper attributes of the best executive security agents so that they can determine the right match for them. When you’re choosing a security detail to keep you safe, you deserve to choose the best of the best — individuals with the best qualifications, experience, and customer service ability.

These are the attributes you should expect from the executive security detail from Strategic Threat Protection Group:

A security professional training hand-to-hand combat techniques

Extensive Training and Experience

Your executive security professional should have plenty of related experience. Our executive security agents all have backgrounds in the military and/or law enforcement, and as such, these individuals can adapt to any environment and work with you to perform security duties that protect you from harm.

A security officer at an estate's gate on his two-way radio

Clear Communication Skills

Our executive security agents are able to clearly communicate with our clients. These communications include the ability to inform clients when their suggestions could potentially place them in real danger. Our professional team can clearly and effectively communicate with our clients so that they know what is best for their own personal protection and well-being. Without this clear communication, it’s far too easy for clients to misread a situation and for there to be unnecessary problems with protective detail.

A security officer guiding his high-profile client

Superior Customer Service

While your executive security detail will be well-versed and capable when it comes to using firearms and defensive combat, they ideally will rarely have to put these skills into practice. However, their customer service skills will be utilized on every occasion with every client. This means that, while your security personnel will help keep you safe, they will also know how to effectively work with your family and those within your immediate circle to continue to provide the best possible security service.

A security guard on his two-way radio

Sound Decision-Making Capabilities

One of the most important qualities of an executive security professional is the ability to make fast, sound decisions, often with little forewarning. While your executive security team will make every effort to plan ahead of time for your safety, life sometimes does not go according to plan. It’s at these times when important security decisions must be made to ensure your safety. This ability to make good judgment calls is important for any protection professional, especially in the event of a crisis situation.

A female security officer training with a handgun

Firearm Safety

In an ideal world, firearms will not need to be put to use while we function as your executive security detail. This is especially true when every planning precaution is taken to avoid situations where using a firearm would be necessary. However, should the specific situation arise where the use of a firearm is necessary, it’s important that your security detail can professionally handle their weapon to protect you.

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